Tuas TV World

Take a step into the Singapore of the 1950s. Well, technically all you can do now is take a look from outside the gates. Once the jewel of our local dramas, TV World, which is about the size of four football fields, was the equivalent of the film lots of Hollywood.

Created to look like the bustling Singapore of the 1950s, it has three main streets that lead to structures that look like a three-storey cinema, a railway station, a fire station, a city hall, a church, several mansions and rows of Chinese shophouses.

Back in the day TCS (now MediaCorp) filmed many memorable period dramas here. These included Strange Encounters 3, Tofu Street, The Price of Peace, Wok of Life, Hainan Kopi Tales, and Joys of Our Life.

Image source: theinfluencermedia.com

The streets in TV World now have real street names such as Cluny Street and Queen Street. The area is now a Tactical Training Village used by specialist forces in the police for training purposes, similar to the abandoned housing estate at Neo Tiew Road. The gates were locked, so we couldn’t enter. But we could see some of the buildings from outside the compound.

Location: Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, between Tuas Checkpoint and the golf course of the Raffles Country Club. N01° 20.780 E103° 38.350

Satellite view of TV World

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