Seah Im Bunker

This hidden WWII bunker at the foot of Mount Faber is located behind the Seah Im carpark. Built into a slope, the entrance leads to a tunnel that’s connected to the elongated bunker. As it’s dark in the bunker, do bring a torchlight should you wish to enter the bunker.

The 1-metre high entrance, overgrown with moss and plants, is connected to a 2.5 metre long tunnel. You’ll need to bend down to navigate the tunnel, which turns right into the elongated bunker with a ceiling height of about 2 metres.

The main ventilation system appears to be three large holes in a corner of the ceiling. The holes are at the base of a 2.5-metre metal chimney that extends outside the bunker. There is also a rusty stool frame in the corner of the bunker, possibly left behind by latter-day visitors to the bunker.

Those who have a fear of lizards, be wary as long disuse has turned the bunker into a nesting ground for geckos. Tree roots have also grown through the ventilation holes on the walls.

Although no one really knows what this structure really is, Urban Explorers of Singapore believe that the Seah Im bunker was most likely an air-raid shelter as its entrance is similar to that of an air raid bunker in Cartagena, Spain, used during the Spanish Civil War.

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We have seen numerous train tunnel entrances in the UK that look very much like the above with similar brickwork and structure. Perhaps many tunnel entraces were built this way during that era. Very interesting indeed, but that’s for another story :)

Dr Kevin Tan, president of the Singapore Heritage Society, has another theory about the bunker. He said the bunker could have been used to store equipment and ammunition. The tunnel could also have been a communications tunnel used by troops to move from bunker to bunker. According to Dr Kevin Tan, there are many similar types of tunnels like these, especially in Labrador Park.

Many thanks to the folks at Temasek Rural Exploring Enthusiasts who brought us here as part of a larger tour of Mount Faber!