Tango-enabled Architectural Tour @ The National Museum

Have you ever wondered what our National Museum was like back the 1800s and 1900s? Now you can experience it in augmented reality with the new Tango-enabled Architectural Tour at the National Museum of Singapore – featuring future technology to tell stories of the past.

During the media preview we were given a chance to experience the tour first-hand and I was amazed at the detail of the virtual images. At the Main Rotunda, you can view a 3D model of the museum and how it has evolved over the years, taking you back to it original facade back in 1887. 

Within the Rotunda, you will also find virtual displays of artefacts that used to stand here, like a stuffed tiger display and a bust of Sir Stamford Raffles. You will even be taken back in time to see what the iconic dome and original floor tiles looked like.

My favourite part of the tour was the augmented reality view of the museum’s iconic Indian Fin Whale skeleton that once hung under the Glass Passage on level 2. The 42-feet-long skeleton occupied the exact same space in 1907 before it was returned to Malaysia in the 1970s.

The hour-long tour is an extension of the museum’s guided architecture and building tours that were first introduced in 2016. Each participant will be provided with a Tango-enabled mobile device that will complement their experience on the guided tour. Using indoor mapping, virtual reality and augmented reality technology, you will now be able to explore how the building has evolved over the past 130 years, and to virtually view artefacts that were once on display in the museum.

Many thanks to Ida and her team at the National Museum of Singapore for inviting us to experience the new Tango-enabled virtual and augmented reality tour!

The Tango-enabled Architectural Tours will run from 22nd April 2017. Registration is free, and on a first come, first served basis. For more information and to register, click here.

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