Windsor Nature Park

We enjoyed a relaxing morning walk at the newly opened Windsor Nature Park located off Venus Drive. The 75-hectare park is a green buffer for the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. 

There are four trails in Windsor Nature Park, with one leading out to the TreeTop Walk. Take your pick from the Hanguana Trail (350m), Venus Loop (1.8km), Squirrel / Drongo Trail (2.2km), or hike to Tree Top Walk (7km).

Highlights of Windsor Nature Park include a marsh habitat and several freshwater streams along the restored trails and new boardwalks. 

A good portion of the trail we took followed a clear meandering stream and you don’t have to look hard to spot little fish swimming in the water.

Here, you can also explore new trails including the specially curated Hanguana Trail and the Drongo Trail. The Hanguana Trail is lined with rare native plants, some of which are named after Singapore. Try to spot the Hanguana rubinea, a plant found only in Singapore.

The Drongo Trail features a sub-canopy walk where visitors can catch a glimpse of the fauna that are found under the canopy level, in addition to examining the understorey of the regenerating secondary forest.

You can also join workshops to learn about Singapore’s natural heritage and ongoing biodiversity conservation efforts at the visitor pavilion.