Lone Grave @ Binjai Park

If you take a walk along the grass corridor off Binjai Park behind the landed houses at Siang Tuan Avenue, you might come across this lone grave dated 1890 belonging to a late Mdm Gan who was married to Mr. Tan Quee Lan (陈桂兰).

You may wonder why there is a tomb standing on prime district 10 land in the middle of a private estate. It turns out that this plot of land belonged to Tan Quee Lan in the past. Tan Quee Lan was a rich landowner with fruit plantations along Bukit Timah Road. He also owned properties in Club Street and the hill there was called Quee Lan Hill, there is also a road named Tan Quee Lan Street off Beach Road.

The land which Mrs. Tan Quee Lan’s grave stands was sold on the condition that the grave must be kept intact and accessible for decendents to visit and maintain. The land was eventually taken over by Sian Tuah Property developers in 1982 and later aquired by the government in 1987.