Imaginarium: To the Ends of the Earth

If you haven’t already visited the Singapore Art Museum to check out their seventh edition of the family-focused exhibition, Imaginarium: To the Ends of the Earth, there’s still time to do so. 

↑ Floating Mountain by Unchalee Anantawat

Through the eyes of nine contemporary artists, this year’s Imaginarium takes a closer look at our surroundings and the environments we reside in. Taking a closer look at the surroundings and environments we reside in, we see how people, flora, and fauna, adapt to their ever-changing surroundings.

↑ Another Island by Nipan Oranniwesna

↑ Where Am I by Calvin Pang

One of our favourite exhibits is Hiromi Tango’s Lizard Tail. It takes you into a colourful and interactive soft-sculpture environment that shares tales of adaptation and survival based on the metaphor of the lizard’s unique ability to regrow its lost tail.

Another favourite is Mary Bernadette Lee’s Wanderland with bulb-like hangings that spring back upon release, teepee tents with hanging mobiles suspended from within, and textile birds flapping across trees. Wanderland evokes vivid memories and imaginings of our experiences with the natural environment, be it a trek through the tropical rainforest or a stroll through a park. We also loved the giant lanterns that light up as you walk under them.

All-in-all, Imaginarium: To the Ends of the Earth is a colourful, interactive and tactile exhibition for the young and young at heart, and runs from 6th May till 27th August 2017 at SAM at 8Q. Free entry for Singapore residents.