Gallery Children’s Biennale

Themed “Dreams & Stories”, the first edition of Gallery Children’s Biennale invites the inner child in each of us to embark on a creative journey. Explore the world through the eyes of nine artists and uncover the stories behind ten installations spread across the Gallery. Spanning four months, there is something for everyone to discover!

↑ The Sonnet In Blue by Tran Trong Vu

↑Firewalk by Mark Justiniani

Our favourite exhibit is definitely Yayoi Kusama’s Obliteration Room which started out as an all white room where children can stick colourful dot stickers anywhere they wish. The exibition has been on for a while now so the room has pretty much been obliterated. But if you look closely, you will probably find some gaps to fill.

Another exhibit that we really enjoyed is teamLab’s Homogenizing And Transforming World. Suspended in air, these glowing orbs change colour and produce sounds when touched. This triggers subtle changes in the surrounding orbs. Be enveloped by a mesmerising symphony of sound and light as you navigate this immersive labyrinth. 

All-in-all a good day out and highly recommended for children of all ages or anyone who is young at heart. The displays are all quite touchy feely and interactive and we had tons of fun exploring them. The Gallery Children’s Biennale runs from 20th May till 8th October 2017 at the National Gallery Singapore. Free entry for Singapore residents.